WordPress Dashboard Update

At Culprit Design, we have always thought that our customer data has always been a bit removed from our customers We use Google Analytics, but it's not very easy for our customers to access and analyse.

We do lots of amazing SEO work for our customers, and it has always been a pipe dream to have a system that makes important data easier to track for all our customers. We have been searching high and low for the perfect tool, and have now found it!

Better WordPress Dashboards for all

So we invested in better dashboards for WordPress and have installed and configured these new features FREE of charge. They will be included by default on any new WordPress websites built by us.

Some additional features:

  • Dark mode toggle - (under the user name )
  • Quick create side panel - ( new toggle to quickly create content )
  • Collapsing side navigation - ( gives your more room when writing content )
  • Google Analytics integration ( visit the new 'Overview' page )
  • Ability to tweak comparison dates
  • and much more!

How Much Will it Cost?

FREE for customers of us.

If you are a current customers this is completely FREE and already running on your current websites! If you don't have a website built by Culprit Design, we will add this system for a small service fee.

Do you Support eShop / eCommerce Data?

We sure do! Take a look at our example, the 'Overview' page is kitted out with information you need- unique to your website requirements and goals.

How to Turn on Dark Mode

We all end up burning the midnight oil for various reasons, and Dark Mode helps us work with less eye strain. Dark Mode is set to turn on or off dependant on your devices 'prefers mode'. So if your device / browser is set to night mode, it will shift automatically to dark mode. You can however manually toggle it on or off as you want.


Click your user icon in the top right of your screen, and panel will slide out. Hit the 'Dark mode' toggle to manually override the automatic dark mode.


You are now in dark mode! You can switch back whenever you want.

Will it slow down my website?

No. Since we are using Google Analytics to do the tracking, the data is offloaded and processed on Google servers and never pushes the load back to our customer websites. We simply display the data on the customer dashboards.

Does it create a new database?

A lot of free WordPress analytics plugins create enormous databases that can slow down your website over time. As above, since we are using Google Analytics to do the tracking, the data is offloaded and processed on Google servers. A very small database is created to save user settings and session data.

Does it impact the speed of my website?

No. Before we invest in any new systems to our websites, we do extensive testing to ensure it works perfectly with all our customer websites. All systems, styles and scripts are only loaded on the top of the traditional WordPress dashboard, and are never loaded on the front end, so will never load for your customers.

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We're Going Green

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