PHP 8 Updates

What is PHP?

A Quick Summary

In laymen's terms; PHP is an open source programming language that powers over 70% of the web. It allows us to fetch content from our database and display it on our websites. WordPress is one of the many systems built on this language.

The latest version - PHP 8 , has a slew of new security and performance enhancements to make multi-threading much more efficient while also patching up any holes from 7.4.

Real world example

We have create an example using a customer website which has been upgraded to PHP 8.

Example below using a customer website as an example.

PHP 7.4
PHP 8.0

Why not use PHP 8.1?

Although this version does exist, we have decided that it is not developed enough for us to use on customer websites. It doesn't have all the extensions required to run websites safely and efficiently just yet.

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We're Going Green

We're Acting to Offset Our Carbon Footprint

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We offset the carbon generated from day to day operations
100% renewable energy usage at Google servers
2x carbon offset from Stablepoint
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