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Rank Math a Quick Summery

We have been searching high and low for a bullet proof and feature rich SEO solution for our customers. We have made investments in time and money for a couple of years testing all the best SEO solutions for WordPress. We have finally struck on the perfect solution, and have been testing it on our own website and some selected customers websites.

We were so impressed with the results of the Free solution we upgraded the the Pro version with another huge jump in SEO capabilities and tracking for all our customers.

We decided to use Rank Math of all the solutions for a number or reasons ( you can read about them below )

What will this service cost me?

Nothing. If you're a customer of Culprit Design you will have Rank Math configured and tracking your traffic on all websites with us - past and present.

Great! When do we officially start tracking with Rank Math?

If you are a customer of Culprit Design, we have already configured and been running for at least 90 days. We've been having some unbelievable results using Rank Math on out tracked customer websites ( we've been seeing 200-300% jumps in traffic and page one rankings for keywords) There's nothing for you to do except sit back and reap the benefits while we build your traffic using this tool.

The Best Rank Math Features

The best Free and Pro Features we're most excited about

Tracked keywords

Tracking keywords across the website that pull traffic. We use this information to focus new content on the keywords that brings traffic

Set SEO titles/meta descriptions

Rank Math sets the titles/descriptions for individual pieces of content.


Google Analytics Cookieless Tracking

When the cookiless options are enabled, Rank Math PRO installs the Google Analytics tracking code using a different method to generate a unique ID for each visitor that doesn’t require a cookie (meaning that no consent is required as no sensitive, personally identifiable information is collected or sent to Google Analytics).



While we have done our best to make this option GDPR friendly, you should still consult a lawyer about how to be 100% GDPR-compliant. Rank Math isn’t a law firm so the contents of this guide are not to be considered legal advice.

Social Media Descriptions

Rank Math helps to intelligently apply social metadata to content.


Google News / Video / Trends SEO Sitemaps

A News Sitemap for news-worthy content.

Why Not Use Yoast?

Why We Don't Use the Most Popular SEO Option

Yoast has been around since 2010, with over 228 million downloads to date and has been the defacto SEO install for nearly a decade. Many new SEO plugins came to challenge Yoast came and went - none of them offered the full feature-set and advanced tools that Yoast offered. Then - over time - Yoast changed and became much more focused on splitting their tools into paid segments, and the code got bloated and fragmented over time.

As a result we were seeing massive overheads and loading times on our websites - and on Culprit Design they were adding a 300ms loading delay to ALL pages before anything loaded. 300ms doesn't sound like a lot, but when most of our websites load in around 500ms it's a huge chunk of time. It was time to look for a better solution.

Here at Culprit Design we weren't the only ones who noticed this trend over time, Tom Dupuis of Online Media Masters noted;

  • Yoast is bloated – it was one of the slowest loading plugins on my website (you can check your slowest plugins using the Query Monitor plugin or New Relic).
  • Yoast has too many ads – you had to install the Hide SEO Bloat plugin to remove the incredible amount of advertisements Yoast adds inside your WP dashboard.
  • Yoast didn’t have a great way to add schema – beyond HowTo and FAQ schema, I don’t believe Yoast let you add other schema types (reviews, recipes, etc). I personally found schema in Yoast confusing, so I used another schema plugin.
  • Yoast didn’t add alt text to images – you had to install an image SEO plugin or add alt attributes manually every single time you added an image to a page/post.
  • Yoast made you pay for a redirect manager – considering how many free redirect plugins there are, it’s amazing something so simple wasn’t included.

Above text source

Enter Rank Math

Rank Math was developed by a team who also saw that Yoast was getting heavy, and they looked to rebuild the feature-set with lighter and modern coding practices. Rank Math proudly states on their own website:

Installing Rank Math will not hamper the speed of your website as Rank Math’s code has been created and optimized for maximum performance.

from, Rank Math

The huge list of included features an be seen here
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We're Going Green

We're Acting to Offset Our Carbon Footprint

50x trees planted for every website we create / host
We offset the carbon generated from day to day operations
100% renewable energy usage at Google servers
2x carbon offset from Stablepoint
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